Adding an email account to Outlook Express

2004-08-17 22:01:09
This tutorial + flash demonstration will guide your through the process of adding an email account to Outlook Express.


  1. Open up Outlook Express
  2. From the main menu select Tools -> Accounts
  3. Select the Add -> Mail button
  4. Enter the Display Name which is how you would like recipients to see you, and then select Next
  5. Enter the Email Address and then select Next
  6. Enter the Incoming (POP3) mail server address. This would have been provided in your welcome email, and is usually
  7. Enter the Outgoing (SMTP) mail server address. This is usually supplied by the ISP that provides your internet connection. Click Next when you have provided the server details
  8. Enter the Account Name. This is usually yourusername or
  9. Enter your password and then select Next
  10. Click Finish and you can now test out the newly added account
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