What happens if I reach my data transfer limit?

By DigitalPulseHosting.com
2004-09-07 03:17:19

The amount of traffic you can have depends on the amount of bandwidth alloted in the package you choose. All accounts have bandwidth caps on them. Those on a shared hosting plan will have their account automatically suspended on reaching the data transfer limit to prevent excessive overages (and costs). The bandwidth limit is set on a MONTHLY basis, so if you reach the limit in 2 weeks, your account may get suspended after those 2 weeks and remain suspended until the following month, unless a special arrangement has been established.

We make an attempt to send out warnings when the limit is approaching so you can make arrangements but it is your responsibility to keep a check on usage and to contact us in advance to purchase extra resources if required to prevent suspension.

Additional bandwidth can be purchased by submitting a support ticket.

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