Does email on the server count towards my allotted space?

2004-10-04 01:15:08

Yes. Any email you have stored on the server counts as storage for your account. Although emails are usually quite small in file size, over time the total amount can add up. This is one reason we recommend not storing email on the server for long periods of time. Once you download and read your mail, you should ensure that your email client deletes the mail from the server.

In the configuration settings for your email client, either make sure that you do not have the option selected to "Leave a copy of messages on server" or you should specify a number of days that your message will be left on the server before being removed.

Leaving a copy of emails on the server is usually only useful if your share the email account with another person or you routinely access your email account from different physical locations. Leaving a copy of the emails will allow it to be downloaded again from the other locations.
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